04 September 2016
When you hire “Our Wedding P.A” as your wedding planner I bring to you many years of experience in the food and beverage industry including catering, hotels and fine dining. I understand the cost associated with food, beverage and venue hire. I understand contracts and how to ensure... Read More
08 July 2016
The music you choose for your wedding day plays an important part to the overall tone of your wedding. In the years that follow, the soft ballad you chose for your first dance will bring back memories of a moment that you no doubt will hold deeply in your heart. You may spend hours thinking... Read More
17 June 2016
What makes a great event planner? Organisation: Being organized and developing systems is one of the wedding planner skills that separates truly professional wedding planners . A good wedding planner is organized and has excellent time-management... Read More
10 May 2016
IHG Honeymoon Destinations Every girl dreams of the... Read More